Legacy Youth Zone was delighted to welcome a group of 10 young people from across Croydon as part of the Takeover Challenge.

The group took over a number of operations from the Youth Zone’s offices at AMP House, close to East Croydon Station.

One group, worked with Chief Executive Barnabas Shelbourne in meetings and delivering a presentation, while another came up with menu ideas for the Youth Zone. The final group took over Legacy’s social media channels, boosting content and followers on Instagram and Twitter.

The final group also worked on interviewing a number of people involved with Legacy Youth Zone, getting the latest information on developments. They spoke with Chinelo and Umaar from the Young People’s Development Group as well as OnSide Youth Zones Project Director Jamie Masraff and Senior Development Surveyor Adam Poyner.

The final interview was with our chair, Nick Sleep, who spoke with the whole group about his passion for Legacy Youth Zone. The full interview with Nick can be seen below:

Could you tell us a little about yourself…

I am 50 years old and I’m married with three daughters who are all in their late teens and early 20s. I set up and ran an investment firm years ago and three or four years ago we took the profits from that business and put it into a charity which helps to run OnSide.

Who or what influences you?

Lots of people influence me. The biggest is someone like Warren Buffett who is one of the world’s greatest investors. I find the young people I come across with OnSide inspirational because they’re doing so much more than you’d ever expect and they’re brilliant about it and keen and enthusiastic. If you’ve got the right mindset you’ll find inspiration in everything.

Why are you involved with Legacy Youth Zone?

My friend John Roberts, who is the Chair of OnSide, showed me what OnSide was and I thought it was fantastic and important. I went to see Kathryn Morley, the OnSide CEO, and Jerry Glover and after that I said I wanted to help. John and Charles Mindenhall, who oversees OnSide in London, said why don’t you help in Croydon because I live in South London… so I did!

What Legacy do you want Legacy to leave?

That’s a really nice question! We are working really hard to have a very successful opening next summer but that’s not the only job that needs to be done. We need to have a really good Youth Zone in year one, then in year two, then year five and then year 10. If we are doing a good job, what we will have built in 20 years time is a Croydon institution and I want Croydon to be really proud to have Legacy and I want Legacy to be proud to be in Croydon.

How much time and effort have you put into Legacy?

I find it difficult to separate Legacy and OnSide because I’m doing so much for OnSide too. I spend three to four days a week on OnSide. I went down to the building site this morning to check it out and I was talking to lots of different people about working with us.

How much do you see Youth Zones growing across the UK?

I think we can see our way to 100 and that’s doable and necessary. Personally I would like to have one in every London borough so that’s 35 in London. If you talk to John Roberts, he’ll tell you the marker is that there should be a Youth Zone in every town/ city there’s a B&Q so that would be 340! I think 100 is doable within a generation.

Would you go to a Youth Zone if you was younger?

Yeah, damn right! i’d absolutely have loved to, it would have been brilliant. I didn’t have one where I grew up and I’d have loved it.

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