Big Love Kitchen is the heart of our youth zone and we are known for our delicious and nutritious meals made with love, that only costs £1!. 

We prepare and sell a range of different dishes, from our tasty chicken wings with rice, panini’s made fresh, to our mouth-watering veggie pie and homemade veggie ravioli. We are also famous for our tuck shop filled with snacks, treats and sweet but refreshing slushies too!

One of our important values at Legacy is ensuring that our young people come first. With Big Love Kitchen, it is our priority to ensure we provide a hot and affordable meal for each and every child that comes through our doors and leaves with a full stomach and smile on their face.

Hi Guys!

I am Angela Watson and I am the Catering Manager & Head Chef of the Big Love Kitchen at Legacy Youth Zone.

I have a passion for providing delicious meals, especially for our young people and ensuring I am able to put a smile on their faces.

We have some amazing dishes for you to try so come on down to the Big Love Kitchen at Legacy. I’m looking forward to seeing you all!