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On Friday 5th March, 16 members of our Enterprise team will be Cycling for 8 hours in our gym to raise money for young people to help start their own businesses.

Click HERE to donate – you will need to have an active Paypal account to donate to us.

Want to join the Enterprise team at Legacy?
Email for more info.

All profits generated from our projects are reinvested back into the Enterprise Team to help us develop more of our amazing ideas into real products and sales.

Every donation you make will go towards supporting young people to develop and start their own businesses.

Our Enterprise team at Legacy is the place where you can turn your money-making ideas into reality.

Design your own clothing label in the Arts room or create your own amazing cake recipe in the training kitchen and then be shown how to turn the idea in your head into a real-life money-making venture. Have you got a money-making idea? You can come to Legacy and try it out here!

Our amazing members have come up with some great clothing designs that are available for sale!

Suggested donations are £10 for a t-shirt or £20 for our very cool jogging bottoms.

Contact us to pre-order your Legacy fashion item now!

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