It’s more than just a bauble, it’s a symbol of your support to our young members

By sponsoring a bauble you will be supporting our young members over Christmas, which can be a very challenging time for some of them, particularly at the moment with many young people’s mental health being affected by Covid-19.  

Help support the young people in Croydon over Christmas and sponsor a Christmas bauble.  


Bauble Packages

There are four different (but all very special!) baubles you can sponsor: 





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By sponsoring a bronze bauble you will be donating £250 to Legacy. £250 could provide a group of our young members with a trip to the pantomime. A trip to the pantomime is a luxury for many of our members, and some of our young members may have never been before, so this would be an extra special gift to them.  Find out more


By sponsoring a silver bauble you will be donating £500 to Legacy. £500 could get a material printing machine for the Young Enterprise team to print and design goods including t-shirts, track suits, mugs, cards and much more. All goods will be sold and re-invested in materials for the Enterprise group projects. Find out more


By sponsoring a gold bauble you will be donating an incredible £1,000 to Legacy. £1,000 could pay for a group of our senior members to go on a camping trip. On the camping trip our seniors could learn important camper skills which they might not have had the opportunity to learn otherwise. Find out more


By sponsoring a platinum bauble you will be donating an amazing £2,500 to Legacy. £2,500 could buy new computing and camera equipment for our young media squad who capture many moments at Legacy through videography, photography, editing, podcasting, blogging and vlogging. All necessary skills needed to create these fun and exciting projects will be done through our Media youth workers. Find out more

How it works

  1. Decide which bauble you/your company would like to sponsor 
  2. Sign up here 
  3. Have a look at some of the ways you/you and your team can raise some funds!
  4. Set up a JustGiving page or look at our options to pay your donation 
  5. Don’t forget to share your Just Giving page with all your friends and family!