Our bronze bauble supporters are individuals or community groups who are able to donate £250 to sponsor their very own Christmas bauble.


What sponsoring a Bronze Bauble means for US

Sponsoring your very own bronze bauble is your chance to support Legacy over Christmas, which is a particularly hard time for some of our young members; even more so with Covid-19 impacting heavily on young people’s mental health.

In light of recent events it is more important than ever to bring joy to your staff. By sponsoring our bauble, not only will you be helping the young people in Croydon, but you will also be providing your employees with much needed Christmas cheer!

What sponsoring a Bronze Bauble means for YOU

Sponsoring a bronze bauble will gift you/your community group with the following:

  • Your very own digital bauble with your logo, displayed on the Christmas bauble page on our website. This will be live for the whole of December
  •  Unlimited access to your digital bauble, which you can share with your work colleagues, friends, and post on your own social channels. Don’t forget to tag Legacy whenever you post your bauble!
  • A nominated young member will look after your Christmas bauble and you will receive a special video of them placing your bauble on our Christmas Tree. This video will include our young member thanking you and your company/group for your kind donation

Jasmine’s Story

Jasmine moved from Catford to Croydon and struggled to friends for a year being in a brand-new area; she’d heard about Legacy through people at school and decided to try it out. She felt nervous when she first started and decided to go to the art room where she attended session with one of our youth workers Chris- tine for the first couple of weeks. During those sessions Jasmine had good chats with Christine about how she felt, and experiences she was having at school around bullying. Christine over time encouraged Jasmine to join other rooms and activities, and she’s gained real confidence after doing this.

She joined a music session one day, and together with another member she wrote a song about the bullying she faced, and positive messages for others in the same situation. Christine noted that “she beamed with pride” and came in the art room to tell her all about it, plus the new friend she had made.

“I really enjoy art, music and cooking at Legacy; and the Christine and Anna have helped me to gain so much confidence since coming here, and I’ve got- ten better in textiles, and cooking new recipes.”

Jasmine, Aged 16

How it works

  1. Decide which bauble you/your company would like to sponsor 
  2. Sign up here 
  3. Have a look at some of the ways you/you and your team can raise some funds!
  4. Set up a JustGiving page or look at our options to pay your donation 
  5. Don’t forget to share your Just Giving page with all your friends and family!