Every donation makes the world of difference

As a charity, The Way needs your help to carry out our vital work to improve the prospects of thousands of children and young people.

The average savings for many households in the UK has gone up, with many more people now able to work from home. There have been multiple savings in areas such as cafe bought coffees, shop bought lunches, travel, entertainment and even retail shopping.

There are however many other households with low income where the cost of living has gone up, in areas such as utility bills, food, travel for key workers and unexpected costs that generally occur at home.

Our ethos is that regardless of background, all young people deserve the same opportunities, and when they come to legacy they should feel valued and able to creatively express themselves through our range of activities, whilst gaining invaluable support from our youth workers.

Your donations will make such a difference

£3 per month will pay for 3 nutritious hot meals for a young person.

£5 per month can pay for annual membership for 12 young people.

£10 per month can fund sports equipment to keep our young people active.

£15 per month would cover the cost of one day at Holiday Club with a hot meal.

£20 per month can fund cooking utensils and ingredients for the Training Kitchen.

£25 per month can fund resources, equipment and lunch for attendees of our Employability Programme.

£30 per month can buy an array of art and printing supplies for aspiring artists.

£50 per month can fund new game consoles, games and gamepads.

Other ways to donate

There are also lots of different ways you can help make a difference to Legacy Youth Zone, take a look at our A-Z of Fundraising ideas.

Alternatively you can get in touch with our fundraising team at fundraising@legacyyouthzone.org